Monday, July 16, 2012

A Logical Creator

"The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship."
Psalm 19:1
       It's logical to believe in God. That's just a plain, simple, fact. Despite what your beliefs are, your beliefs don't declare truth. Facts and logic declare truth. What proof is there that God exists? Here are some that will influence your thinking, or help you share with others.

      The world we live in is one of the greatest proofs for the existence of God. The very fact that the universe exists at all points to a Creator. The most cynical scientist doesn't believe that everything around us came from nothing. There had to be a beginning, which then points to a Beginner (Gen1:1).

      But the world wasn't just created; it was designed. Whether you study the cosmos or the human body, you will find that the systems, cycles, and rhythms of life operate with incredible precision and accuracy. You will conclude, like many others (including the world's top scientists), that all of it came from an intelligent Designer, who is powerful and loving. Yet in spite of the evidence around us, people have done a strange thing. They have chosen to focus on the creation rather than the Creator. And they even claim that a God couldn't even exist. That would be like seeing a painting, and concluding that the artist had nothing to do with it, or that the artist didn't matter. To observe the world, our earthly home, and say that it came from nothing and God didn't do it is ridiculous.

         Something doesn't just come nothing. This would be an insult to your intellect if such scenarios were ever insisted upon you. Every time we look at something built by man---a house, for example---we know it had a builder. When we see something that has design, like a watch; artwork, like a painting; and order, like our solar system, we know someone was responsible for them; a Designer, Artist, and orderer. So if everything man-made has a creator, designer, artist, or orderer behind it, why would we not think that there is a Creator, Designer, Artist, and Orderer behind everything that's not? Wherever we see creation, design, art, or order it's obvious that there was some intelligent force to make it happen (consider the presidents' heads at Mt. Rushmore).

      There is no evidence that there is no God. Many people (especially atheists in this topic) think that reason is on their side. Yet without any evidence to back up their belief, what they actually had was blind faith---and they use that as a basis for their eternal destiny, afterlife (which there is) or not. To believe in God, some people think it may take blind faith. But we use calculated faith for most choices in life, and we should do the same for our choices about the afterlife.

      Logically, we know that there cannot be an unpainted painting, an unsculpted sculpture, an undesigned design. That just doesn't make sense. And for us to base our eternal destiny on something we know is not reasonable makes even less sense. That'll be taking chances by basing our eternal life on something that we know is not a fact. Atheism is blind faith, unreasonable, and, therefore, can't be proven.
      When you look at a building, you'll know that the building itself is proof of a building. We know you don't just gather some wires, concrete, pipes, windows, paint, etc., then turn around and look to suddenly find a building. A building requires a builder. "The sun, moon, stars, oceans, sand, each unique snowflake, the 3 billion pieces of your DNA that are different from mine, are absolute proof that there had to be a Creator", Mark Cahill, author of One Heartbeat Away, said to an atheist.
       The fact that you can't see, touch, taste, smell, or hear the builder of a skyscraper doesn't mean that such a person doesn't exist. Amazing faith isn’t' needed to know there was a builder of a building. Decide when you look at the evidence. The piece of evidence you have is the work that the builder left behind. It's the same with God. The evidence for us to view is all the evidence we'll need to know that God exists. It makes more sense to believe that there is a God than it does to believe that there isn't one.

      Many don't want to believe in God because they don't get satisfactory answers about God. Just because you may not have satisfactory answers about God doesn't mean He doesn't exist. We don't need satisfactory answers; we need truth, facts, and reasonable answers. God is not as difficult to believe in as you may think. You might not understand Him, but that's no excuse for saying He doesn't exist.


Source: God is in the Small Stuff and It All Matters by Bruce (Bickel) and Stan(Jantz); and One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill

Image by The Comma Queen


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