Thursday, December 20, 2012

Creation? Evolution?

     Creationism or evolutionism? This has been a large topic of arguing and strife among people for hundreds of years. One idea, creationism, is the belief that God is the creator of the universe and everything in it. The other, evolutionism, is the belief that man has evolved from primates, birds, fish, and a prehistoric, single celled organism. Everybody in the world believes in something, even if that something is nothing.
     Creationism is the thought that a God who was neither created, nor discovered or anything of the kind, but was always there, created the universe and all its inhabitants. God had finished molding His work, the universe, on the seventh day. He created it to be perfect and holy, blameless. And on that seventh day, He rested, knowing he had made something to glorify Him. He first brought light to the world and separated day and night. The second day, he created water and then separated the sky from it. On the third, he made land emerge from the water and made vegetation grow from it. The fourth day was complete when God created the sun and moon to show man the change from day to night. The fifth day brought forth birds and other flying creatures and sea swimming ones on the sixth day. Also on that day, He created man and woman in his image.
     Evolutionism is the theory that man and every creature evolved over hundreds of billions of years. The world came about to be when two gigantic pieces of space debris collided into each other, shaping the earth. String theory, an idea in theoretical sciences, came about as an idea that happened before the big bang, saying that the two pieces of debris collided and created multiple universes in a massive explosion. These theories are mostly taught in public schools and believed by mostly scientists.
     These two thoughts are believed, in a combined number, by over hundreds of millions of people all across the planet. This will be a large part of human history and debates as time goes on. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this to do their own research on these topic as to be knowledgeable in them and know the truth.


Image by Leaping Lizard. Image of Earth creative commons license, NASA.


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