Sunday, May 19, 2013

NEW Articles!

     Yep. Our weekly Thoughts are now going to be supplemented by what we are calling "Musings."
     What is a Musing? To "muse" means to think, so these articles will be more thoughts on... stuff. They will touch on topics that we didn't feel were in depth enough for a full article, maybe some current events, Movie reviews, Book reviews, and pretty much anything that we haven't written on in the past.
     When will they be published? You'll never know. Actually, they will be published as they are written, so there will be articles posted throughout the week, not just on Monday and Thursday.
     Who will be writing them? Anyone on current or past Thought Box staff. We still have the Thursday following our Guest Writer open for volunteer Guest Writers, so submit your articles if you have any!
       Why will we be writing them? Because, in order to have a consistent posting habit, we have articles assigned several months in advance at times. We wanted an opportunity to share our thoughts on other things that normally we wouldn't do.

SO! Check back regularly, our first musing should be coming in a few days! 

All the Best,
Leaping Lizard


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