Thursday, March 29, 2012

Body Involvement

Be imitators of God...I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Eph 5:1; 4:1

In order to live a life worthy of the calling each of us receives, we must make sure we are able to do so. If we are going to do live our lives the way God wants, wouldn't make sense for us to be as healthy? If you had a car, wouldn't it make sense for you to make sure that the car is operational and works properly for you to use it? That's how we should be with our bodies; making sure that it's operational and works properly so you'll be able to use it, and live with it as well Here are a few ideas to improve your bodies' health.

"Get moving. Go beyond the gym. Make exercise creative and engaging. Climb a tree or plant one. Carry a grandchild on your shoulders for a mile. Move as much as you can every minute of every day.

"Listen to your body. If you're tired, sleep. If you wake at 3a.m., relax and write in a journal. If a workout hurts, stop. If you feel listless, go for a walk or jog. Your body will tell you what it needs.

"Be respectful of your food. Eating should be more than just refueling. Cook from scratch more often. Forage for mushrooms and nettles. Discover new, fresh (maybe even weird) ingredients and recipes. Respecting what you eat can transform your health.

        “One of the many reasons certain European countries are so much healthier than the rest of the world is not because of eating more cheese, drinking more wine, or smoking different types of cigarettes. It is cultural: Countries like France, who experience only a fraction of the heart disease that areas like America do, treat their meals with respect and as a family event. They do not regularly eat meals out of bags, inside vans, or while rushing to work.
      "Exercise and stretch. We are made to move. Exercise, breathing, flexibility and movement keep us feeling young and alive. As we age, however, most of us move less each day. But you can choose to move, stretch--and feel fantastic. Why are flexibility and stretching so important? Youthful means flexible. Age is rigid and stiff. Even if you work out by lifting weights and doing cardio, if you don't tend to your flexibility, your muscles and joints will become less supple. By stretching regularly, you'll renew your body and slow down the effects of the aging process. How does stretching enhance wellness? A gentle yet effective stretching program benefits you in numerous ways.  It:
-Increases energy
-Increases range of motion
-Relieves the effects of stress
-Relieves joint and muscle pain
-Improves circulation
-Improves posture
-Enhances balance

“But remember before exercising, always warm up first. Stretching cold muscles invites injury. Do something that works up a sweat and lets you slowly increase intensity. Warm up you body by exercising for at least 10 minutes before stretching. What's good for cats (stretching) is good for us. There are 24 hours in a day. For those of you that are older, can't you spare a few minutes of each one to feel younger. You'll certainly feel much better and live life more pleasantly if you do. God will definitely be pleased with your perseverance and devotion towards Him.”

Source: Baby (Boomer), You're Just Getting Started! by Walt Hampton, Body by God By Dr. Ben Learner, and Stretching: The Fountain of Youth by Gary Kobat.



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