Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Comma Queen

     Hey all!  I’m the Comma Queen.  I ended up with that nickname due to the fact that I bug my friend Leaping Lizard with the insane number of commas that I use.  I’m sixteen and love music, particularly singing, playing piano and guitar, listening to my iPod and the radio, and jamming with my friends.  I also enjoy things with words, such as reading books, writing stories for my own enjoyment, doing articles for you all, and emailing my friends.  Some other things you probably don’t need to know about me, but that might interest you, are:
   - The only sport I’m decent at is Ultimate Frisbee.
   - My dad and I are putting together our third puzzle so far this year with at least two more to go.
   - I love God more than anything and I’m growing more in Him each and every day.
   - I love laughing with my sis to the point of crying.
   - I’m totally addicted to M&M’s.  Just ask my friends.  They’ll confirm it.
   - I smile so much that my dentist started worrying about the placement of two of my teeth.
   - I love the math in my Physics, but I hate Algebra 2.
   - My younger brother (he refuses to be called “little” even though he’s still shorter than me) drives me crazy, but I love him to death.
    - I’m so similar to my mom at times that it’s scary.
    - I love hanging out with all my friends.
There’s lots more, but I’ve been told by the editor that I’m only allowed a certain number of words with which to describe myself. (And I'm pretty sure I'm already over.  By a lot.)

     The Comma Queen

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  1. I definitely believe those criteria!

    (p.s. you should replace m&m's with gummy bears)