Monday, September 3, 2012

Just some stuff you should know . . . and an update.

Well, the end of August put ‘The Thought Box’ at the six month mark! God has blessed us to be able to write on such a myriad of subjects over the past half a year. Thanks to all of you for reading, and keeping us going as we read the comments you left, the landmarks we’ve passed (1,500 page views at the end of July), and the things we have thought. It has been a great adventure and I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store for both the current writing staff and you guys.
            Let’s start with the current staff; Haiku is going to continue writing and giving you the facts plain and simple. The Comma Queen has had a lot of school work added this year and will be backing up to a more advisory role, don’t worry though, the plan is for her to come back either over Christmas break, or the summer.
            This fall I am extremely excited to begin again! I get to introduce not one, not two; but FOUR new writers! We have yet to decide the new rotation, so check back soon for more info on when we will be posting articles; we will still post every Monday; but we may put Thursday back in, doubling your weekly income of Homeschooled Young Adult thoughts. The first Article in the new rotation will be September 17, The Comma Queen’s last article for a while will be next week, so make sure and check back in then as well.

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