Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi everyone!

I'm known as Chipper because of a nickname my sister and her friends came up with.  I'm fourteen years old, my favorite color is blue, and I want a blue Ford truck when I'm old enough to drive.   I like to play guitar (even though I play it like a bass) and my favorite song to listen to right now is "Driving With The Top Down" from the Ironman soundtrack.  I really enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee and baseball, and I like to occasionally play games on my computer.  I'm a die-hard homeschooler who never went to public school (I was upset when I was younger because I never got to ride the "big yellow school bus" like my sisters did.  But I got over it.  Sort of.) and I like to hang out with all my homeschooling buddies.

I decided I wanted to write for this blog after my sister (The Comma Queen) helped start it, but was unable to join until this year/semester.  I really like writing, and in addition to writing for the Thought Box, I've been working on writing a short story for fun.

Some other facts about me (some quite random) are that I like pizza.  Particularly pepperoni.  Which my sister often forgets.  I like working with my dad around the farm (we have a hobby farm) and he's also my school teacher.  Science is my favorite subject, and math is my least favorite.  I love God and at one point hoped to be a Pastor when I grew up.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles, and hopefully you'll also learn something from all of them!



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