Monday, June 17, 2013

Defining a Godly Man

     Last week Klipsie shared scripture’s definition of a godly woman. This week, I am going to run down what a godly man is. First though, a quick definition of terms. For the purpose of this article, when I say "man" I am referring to the ideal man, a godly man. When I say "boy" I am referring to a male, regardless of age, who does not demonstrate the qualities of a man. A "guy" is a male, regardless of their maturity or how closely they align to the biblical picture of a man.
     There are quite a few Scriptures that demonstrate what a man is. 1 Timothy 3, the latter half of Ephesians 5, Proverbs 31:1-9 and much of Proverbs in general. All of these will contain lists of requirements, goals to be achieved and attitudes to be displayed. I am going to look at the overarching themes in scripture, not only what a godly man is, but also what a godly person in general looks like. So, even if you are not a guy, please read. As one of my parent’s old pastors used to say, “This is not a pitchfork [post],” meaning that this isn’t something you can shove off on someone else because you don’t need it.
      A pertinent question in today’s society regards the dress of a man. What should a man wear? The things that are honoring to Christ, and those thing that will not harm others or cause others to stumble. We are also to dress in manner that displays care and appropriateness for our environment. That’s a lot of abstract principles; “give me a list” is a frequent request. There is no list. God did not say, “Don’t wear your pants so that your underwear shows”; rather, He told us to act in a manner worthy of the calling we have received. So, the most I can give you legalistically is this: don’t show what is meant to be covered, and don’t cause your sisters in Christ to stumble because of your pride in you chiseled physique.
     Guys have a problem with pride. We are programmed to protect and lead, but the fallen nature of man corrupts that. Men are to be firm in their beliefs, but meek and humble, seeking to make others higher than themselves. Men, unlike the world sees them, are not to be stoic or brutal. Men are not to be stones without feeling either. Men are to be compassionate and loving. Christ was the perfect picture of a godly man, through the gospels we see Him cry, pray, serve, and love. Men are not emotionless, but rather capable of providing a firm foundation for others.
     Men are not to be overly concerned with their physical strength. We never see Christ work out in Scripture, but on the flip side we see Him traverse hundreds of miles and spend forty days in the desert with no food. A balance has to be struck between health and obsession.
     A man also keeps his thoughts pure, avoids the things he shouldn't pay attention to, and seeks the things he should. He uses discretion in his company and the things he sees, hears and reads in order to maintain a pure heart.
     A man is a leader. I am taking a college course right now on biblical leadership. The working definition of leadership in the course is being a good steward of your gifts and talents and influencing others to create change. A man is not bossy, domineering or pushy. A true man knows how to serve others, but still point them in the direction they need to go.
     In conjunction with that, guys also are required to be the leaders of their homes, when they have them. A guy is responsible for the physical and spiritual well-being of his wife and children. A man takes that responsibility and applies true, biblical, servant leadership to it. He serves his wife and children as well as teaching them. A man allows and encourages the endeavors of his wife, they are a team, and he is the head of the team. The complementing roles of husband and wife fill perfectly the needs of children when the roles are executed by godly men and women.
      Finally, as you have probably seen from the trends so far, a true godly man is a man after God’s heart. He doesn’t always do things perfectly, but he always repairs any wrongs he commits and focuses on serving others. He loves the Lord with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. And he focuses on building and creating good and godly relationships on earth.

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